Fixed Price Website Design Project Revisions

Things to consider when considering a new website

Ideally you will want to meet with your website designers, these days via Teams or Zoom is the new norm. At this meeting make sure you describe your business, the purpose of your new website and your key goals for your new website.

Here is a list of some of the key points you’ll want to cover:

Goals – What you’ll want your website to accomplish. (e.g., find new customers, create enquires, generate leads, advertise your business, showcase your work, etc.)

Users – Who will use the website, how/when will they do it, what will entice then to take action? Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer.

Structure – How you want to organise it, e.g., how users will navigate through the site and how different pages should be laid out?

Design – How do you want your new site to look and feel, what sort of themes do you like? Have you got a site logo and favicon? Will you need the designers to help with the creation of these items? Do you have good images and/or videos? Would you need support on that front too?

Content – What information (text, image, media etc) do you want to publish on the site? Ask if you need support with content creation – the likelihood is the designers can help if required.

Domain name – What will be your domain name, are you looking to point an existing domain name to your new site or are you looking for a new domain?  

Web hosting – Makes sure you fully understand how the hosting will work and whether they will provide you with access to a back-end CMS (Content Management System).

Fortunately, FIXEDFAIR have fixed price packages to suit all budgets that include everything you will need. Check out those packages here.  

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