Do I need a website for my business if I already use Facebook?

Your Website Gives Your Business Credibility

In order to be credible with potential customers in today’s highly competitive market, the answers is YES. You do need a good website.

A Facebook page is certainly a good thing to have, but, in most cases, Facebook is there to drive traffic to your website.

Once at your website it gives potential customers the ability to check you and your business out in much more detail.

Even if someone makes several recommendations to a potential customer on Facebook, the most natural next step is to check out those recommended businesses online, checking out their websites and seeing just how credible they are.

Would you trust a business that only had a Facebook page but not a business website? Second to that, ask yourself this, if one business had a very professional website and the other had a very basic, below par site that looked like it had been thrown together via a free wix tool, who would you be picking up the phone to?

In summary, Facebook absolutely serves a purpose but should be used to drive traffic to your website so that additional due diligence can be carried out that typical leads to an enquiry or outreach.

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