About Us

What Are We All About?

FIXEDFAIR has been designed for those who really do appreciate total transparency when it comes to purchasing major home products and solutions that require installation. We believe in fixed and fair pricing.


To add to this, we are only interested in partnering with providers who align with our company values. Why should consumers in today’s world have to submit enquiry forms, speak to a telesales rep or worse have a sales person visit their home just to get the products and solutions they need? 


We support the change in the way smart consumers want to buy. We champion a better way. Our site visitors can enjoy searching options with our carefully selected partners and take comfort that they will experience a totally hassle-free process. 


FIXEDFAIR have very high standards and we only refer our site visitors to those who meet our seal of approval.


Our Company Values

Transparency – Our partners must offer our site visitors complete transparency when it comes to pricing. Fixed pricing for the product, solution or service which includes any installations fees or details a separate fixed installation fee. Any additional fees must be clearly listed and detailed. 


Simplicity – Our site visitors must be able to fully transact within our partner’s e-commerce environment. Our partner’s online technology should configure / design the desired product or solution based on our site visitors answers to simple questions and must receive an instant online fixed price, without the need to submit quotation forms or contact us forms in order to achieve that.


Affordability – Pricing must be fixed and fair. Where possible our partners should offer our site visitors flexible payment and finance options.


Quality – Our partners products, solutions and services must be of the highest quality and standard with excellent product reviews.


Service – Our partners must provide exceptional customer services and installation services and hold a minimum of a 4 out of 5-star rating with Trustpilot .

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