What to consider when selecting a hosting provider for your new website


Robust and fast website hosting

Most website designers and developers us WordPress for creating amazing websites, in fact the latest statistics reveal that WP accounts for about 39.5% of the entire Web and 62% of  CMS-built websites.

So why is it that when t comes to hosting customer don’t always consider what type of hosting provider is best for a site build on WordPress?

New websites should be run on robust and fast WordPress recommended hosting providers. Be aware there are some very cheap hosting providers out there however that doesn’t always mean they will be the best your new website.


It is very important that your new website has the strongest foundation to ensure more site speed, easier control and greater security. 

Consider also web hosting companies guarantee for up time. Any less than a 99.97% uptime guarantee should be a cause for concern. Investigate hosting platform providers that offer georedundancy, this way all of your data is mirrored in two data centres simultaneously. This keeps your site online even during maintenance and outages.

Another key consideration should be the hosting provider’s ability to provide you with site backups & maintenance updates.

Speak to your designers, find out who / how they host their customer’s websites. Don’t leave things to chance. There is nothing worse than finding out you new pride and joy (your new website) is running slow, is not secure and isn’t backed up properly. The cost of using a sub-standard hosting provider could be a lot more than your first expected!  

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