What is Boiler cover?

Boiler cover is a policy (type of insurance) that protects you if things go wrong with your boiler. Entry-level policies cover the basics, such as the cost of calling out a Gas Safe-registered engineer and their labour, as well as any replacement parts that are needed to get the problem sorted.You may not have to pay for any of this as your policy may cover you.

You might hear this referred to as boiler breakdown cover, boiler insurance cover or gas boiler cover, but they all refer to the same thing and include the same services. As well as the standard policy, there are generally types of cover available that also include boiler servicing and other levels of protection for the home.

How long does the average boiler last?

Most boilers last for between 10 to 15 years, but regular maintenance often ensures they last a lot longer. Remember, servicing a boiler is a lot less expensive than replacing one.

Is boiler cover the same as boiler insurance?

Boiler cover and boiler insurance are the same, however, boiler maintenance and care plans are 2 different things. Boiler insurance as a product is backed by the FCA (financial conduct authority) whilst care plans are not.

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