Do Visual Deterrents Prevent Burglaries?

Home Security is all about peace of mind, and the smarter your home security is, the more PEACE OF MIND you will have.

​Statistics show homes without security systems are about 3 times more likely to be broken into than homes with an Intruder Alarm / CCTV installation. Most people don’t realize how vulnerable they are in their own homes until it’s too late.

​One of the key benefits of having a Home Security System in your property i.e. Home Alarm and/or Home CCTV is the visual deterrent that they provide. If a burglar could choose between burgling a house with a Home Security Systems or one without, then likely they would choose the one without.

Smart security systems provide remote access to motion sensors, CCTV and smart devices. They allow homeowners to arm and disarm their intruder alarm, watch live video footage and greet visitors at the door – all from a single smartphone app.

Visual deterrents are even more effective this time of the year, in fact, Which? Revealed that 71 per cent of burglars are put off by an alarm system having a visual siren, displayed on the outside of a home. 

Your home security should cause the intruders to move on to another target. Even a video doorbell can go a long way to prevent an attempted burglary.

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