EV Cables FAQs

When in comes to electric vehicle charger cables there are many to choose from. In this blog we explain the different cables available and what to consider.

Are EV cables waterproof?

Yes, EV chargers are weatherproof and come with built-in water-resistant properties. However, drivers must consider the IP rating when buying waterproof cables. An IP54 cable only protects against water splashes, whereas an IP66+ cable protects against high water pressures and dust.

What cable is used for electric cars?

EV charging cables are always either type 1 or type 2. Type 1 cables support single-phase charging and are prevalent worldwide. Type 2 cables support single-phase and 3-phase main power charging mainly in the UK and other European regions.

What are EV charging cables made of?

EV cables have an electrical cord attached to plugs at each end. The cord has two components: conductors and insulators. Conductors are usually copper, though some manufacturers use aluminium. Insulators are inert plastic fillers. Some cables also come with cooling fluids running inside the cable.

What is CP and PP in EV chargers?

Every type-2 charger has one CP pin, one PP pin, and one PE pin. PP stands for Proximity Pilot and helps with pre-insertion signalling. CP stands for Control Pilot and enables post-insertion signalling. PE stands for Protective Earth and provides a current-protective earthing system.

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