What is a smart home alarm system?

As recently as 10 years ago, consumers did not have access to technology that let them manage their own home security systems. Smart alarm systems changed that. Originally, traditional security systems were hardwired into the home and monitored by a central station, usually a home alarm company. The customer paid monthly fees.

Fast forward and today, consumers have smartphones, home networks and wireless technology—all of which the smart alarm system can utilise. People can buy door sensors to detect if someone is outside or door locks that can be monitored and potentially controlled from one’s smart mobile phone.

Most smart wireless alarm systems have the ability to fully expand at any time and can be tailored to suit most properties. Generally speaking you start with the base kit and then add additional accessories as your budget allows or as your home or family expands. In total you can add up to multiple additional accessories to any alarm hub.

You should consider pet friendly PIR motion sensors, door/ window sensors, remote controls, sirens and replica sirens; plus; indoor, outdoor and floodlight cameras and a smart video doorbell. In today’s world most smart wireless alarms work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to control the alarm system and cameras with voice commands too. More than likely you can arm and disarm your alarm system through the mobile app.

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